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Related article: Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 23:07:19 -0400 From: Mark Cantrell Subject: After The Caribbean Cruise: Part NineThis story is totally fictional, but it uses the characters from my previous story 'Caribbean Cruise' in the Gay Male/Encounters Section. It is my first attempt at writing a story with a bisexual theme, but...Since I DO like women as well as guys, I know what it feels like to eat and fuck a nice wet pussy as well as a hard cock. Some sexual scenes do not portray safe sex. Just remember...ALWAYS practice safe sex in REAL life.After The Caribbean Cruise: Part NineWow! What a weekend! It took me three days to regain my strength and be able to walk straight after Charlie and Marcie worked me over.Feeling pretty frisky, I decided to spend a few hours on the beach and see if anything was available. I had turned into a sex hound after the week on the cruise with Gerald and his wife Betty, and Mike and his wife Julie. Now, it seemed I had sex on the brain.In case you're wondering how a 47 year old guy would have so much time, I was retired...That's right, RETIRED! My wife and I had started a small electronics business right after we graduated from Florida State. We struggled through a few lean years, before landing some fruitful contracts with big firms. The business grew until it was a multi-national giant, servicing not only US firms, but even supplying a few foreign countries.For many years, the business had been our baby. When my wife died...hit by a drunken driver, I lost interest in the company. I sold it and am able to live quite comfortably off the interest from the estate my lawyer friend Quentin Tolliver had set up and managed for me.Anyway, THAT"S why I was now lying on my towel on the sun-baked, sandy beach that my house borders. I had a cooler of beer and my portable CD player playing in my earphones and was thoroughly relaxed.I had been there about a half hour, when a family of five strolled up and spread out their towels and beach umbrella fairly close to me. Slightly irritated at the sudden noise, I turned to look at the source.The man was worth a second glance, tall...Maybe 6'2", 185 pounds, dark wavy hair and a nice toned body. He looked to be in his mid to late forties. Underage Lolita Pic He was wearing small black brief type trunks that displayed a nice package. He was accompanied by his wife and three kids, two boys and a girl.His wife was a looker, a tall, willowy brunette, who's body was covered by a wrap that still couldn't hide a nice pair of tits that pushed the top of the wrap out noticeably.Two of the kids looked to be in their teens, the oldest boy about 18. He looked hot in his board shorts. He had a nicely developed chest and legs that looked like a track man maybe. Long blondish hair fell over his eyes and covered his ears. It was very curly where it stopped just above his shoulders.The middle child was the girl and looked about fifteen. She took after her mother and was wearing a bikini that showed off her developing body well. Her legs were long and shapely. Her young breasts weren't much yet, but still looked nice in the skimpy top. She was going to break a lot of hearts one day.The third child MAY have been about ten or eleven, and was a smaller version of his older brother.They noticed me and waived, saying hello. I returned their greeting and continued to look them over.The wife, having finally gotten things arranged, unbelted her wrap and removed it. Her tanned body made me Underage Lolita Pic lick my dry lips. She had on a very skimpy bikini that showed off her gorgeous tits and legs. She pulled her hair back and pinned it into a pony tail that made her look like a very sexy teenager. WOW!Over the next hour, we all sat enjoying the warmth of the Florida sun. Finally, I decided I would take a dip to cool off. Just as I reached the water, I noticed the family get up and head my way, the three kids laughing and racing to see who could get there first. The oldest boy had discarded his board shorts and was now wearing a small Speedo. His young pakage was nicely displayed.I dove in and swam out about fifty yards, where there was a sandbar. The water was only about three feet deep there, so I could reach the bottom comfortably if desired. I floated on my back and enjoyed the feeling of the cooling waves.Hearing noises, I dropped my feet to stand on the bottom and saw that the family had also managed to find the shallow bottom. The kids were playing together. and the man and woman were standing near me watching them. They smiled and spoke, "Hey there, beautiful day. I hope we're not bothering you. The kids have been cooped up in the car for two days and are happy to be loose.""No problem at all." I moved over and offered my hand. "I'm Jordan Bentley and I live right there," I said, pointing to my house. "Just decided I'd enjoy the beach today instead of my pool. I was in the mood for a little company today anyway.""I'm Gre
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